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PSIPL - A Step Towards

PSIPL is committed through its Energy and QHSE policies to create positive societal value for all its direct and indirect stakeholders. Our overarching ESG policies enables our employees at site, and our esteemed clients with solutions limiting their carbon impact and enhancing their social wellbeing. PSIPL is proud to be a benchmark in compliances management driven meticulously through its Zero tolerance policy in this aspect.

Assured Carbon Footprint

Enhanced Efficiency
& Asset Life

Clearly Measurable



Our guaranteed outcome-based Energy solutions offer irrefutable proposition. These proven solutions allow clients to meet their “Net Zero Carbon” & “ESG” goals with clearly measurable outcome and well-defined investment payback. IoT based solutions enables control, visibility & optimization of energy usage. Our well-established network of SMEs helps sites with health assessment of key utilities and overall infrastructure across geographies.

Social Corporate Resposibility

PSIPL stands for equal opportunities for all sections of society across its base locations and sites. We are consciencely work towards diversity within our workforce which currently stands around 35%. Our endeavor is also to create similar impact for especially abled people where ever possible. Once inducted in our workforce all are trained and offered equal opportunities for growth & excellence.



Governance & adherence to all statues at all times is what we consider as one of our prime responsibilities when it comes to serving our clients, staff and country at large. Our compliance adherence audits both internal and at client’s side are carried out as a hygiene element of our delivery model. PSIPL has been consistently recognized as a GST compliant firm two years in a row, speaking volumes about our commitment towards compliances.

Success Case Study

Successful Implementation of HVAC Solution at one of our client sites.

Planned shutdown with 4 hours of downtime for transition per AHU
Actual Consumption
Before After Saving in kW
Motor Power rating in kW 2.38 1.34 43.7%
Motor Power rating in kVA 3.5 1.35 61.43%
Current drawn in Amps 5.4 1.98 63.33%
System Power Factor 0.67 0.99
Energy savings fetched Rs.1,41,000 Rs.80,500 43% of clear cost saved
CO2 Emissions reduced 22 MTonnes 11 MTonnes 50%
Projected Confirmed saving for 58 AHUs
Energy saving fetched Rs.38 Lacs per annum
CO2 Emissions reduced 502 MTonnes

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