Life @ PSIPL Life @ PSIPL

Surendra Dubey

Sr. Manager - Operations

"It has been 12 years since I started my career with PSIPL. I joined as a supervisor and I am now a Senior Operations Manager. PSIPL also helped me in the overall evolution of my personality."

Arup Roy

Sr. Manager - Operations

"PSIPL is an innovation driven, flexible and dynamic organization and gives freedom to implement ideas and scope for experimenting with contemporary ways of working."

Pooja Mondal

Sr. Manager - Finance

"PSIPL offered me an excellent work experience with opportunities to get involved in the execution of various projects. The organisation culture encouraged and supported me to enhance my knowledge base. The aspect I enjoy the most is that the people I work with are like family to me."

Khalid Patel

Facility - Manager

"PSIPL is a very flexible organization. No communication gap between the site and head office employees across departments and functions. Every day is a new learning experience here."

Krushnal Ranjit

Facility - Manager

"PSIPL is a great organization to work. The company associates are honest and have a very transparent system. A very motivating work culture with a great team of employees which gives me a great job satisfaction to work here."

Deepak Ghag

Executive - HR

"PSIPL has a great learning and guiding culture. There are ample opportunities to further one’s career path and grow one’s overall personality. From the way they value each and every employee I can say that for PSIPL "Employees are it’s greatest strength."

Leena Vasudevan

Sr. Manager

"At PSIPL we have ample opportunities for innovation. The culture of trust across the teams and a highly transparent system makes a team, rather a family, making it a better place to work."

Amit Chaulkar


"PSIPL leadership team encourages us to think out of the box and treat challenges as opportunities."

Prakash Sonawane

Elevator Operator

"At PSIPL I like the overall management, they are very supportive and guide me well. The managers are always in contact. There is a good scope for growth and we are also encouraged to work in our own areas of interest."

Govinda Pathak

Manager - Marketing

"What I appreciate most about PSIPL is the company's mission and vision-driven culture, transparent leadership and the fact that our work literally impacts the lives of thousands of people."


Pantry Boy

"At PSIPL, salary is always on time, all the senior staffs are polite and respectful. Work schedule is flexible and I have never faced an overtime issue. I am thankful to my seniors for guiding me throughout my four years of tenure at PSIPL."

Vasmati Rajbhar


"PSIPL is a great organisation. I have had a good learning experience here because of trainings on grooming and communication."

Rajesh Sawant


"PSIPL has not only supported me as an employee but also my family. It feels good to be a part of a mature and professional organization."

Sandhya Chourasia

Management trainee - Market Research

"PSIPL is the first company I have worked for where even the leadership team is approachable and not virtually just a name. It has given me a great learning experience and ample opportunities to improve my skills. A very progressive and always innovating company."

Nidhi Irani

Manager - HR

"It’s been a roller-coaster ride of 7 years with PSIPL, exciting, thrilling and inspiring. Ample opportunities provided for learning and self-development which motivates us to give our best. It feels great to be a part of this organisation."