PSIPL offers Modern Pest Management techniques & nontoxic, nonhazardous & eco-friendly product bases services. Chemicals used are approved by Central Insecticide Board- CIB, an authorized governing body by Govt. Of India.

PSIPL offers wide range of services required for individual residence, residential complexes, commercial sectors, Corporates, MNCs, BPOs, KPO, BFSI, IT,ITES, manufacturing, warehouse, Healthcare and Hospitality industry etc.

We have self- managed in house well trained and experienced team coupled with industry expertise for more than a decade.


General Disinfestation

An odourless & ecofriendly treatment for general pest like Cockroaches, Ants, Silver fish, Spiders & other crawling insects.

Anti-Cockroach Treatment

Our gel treatment is specially aimed to offer efficient control of cockroach infestation & a lot more than the conventional systems of spraying toxic insecticides     & pesticides without shifting anything cleaning kitchen post the services. Odourless spray will be carried out to take care of Red & Black Ants problem.

Rodent Management

Offering a Rodent management package which includes inspection, identification, sanitation, proofing, baiting and monitoring rodent activity. Use of non-toxic     glue pads, new generation anti-coagulant poison bait & rodent boxes as per industry norms is followed.

Termite Management (Post Construction Treatment):

Provides Drilling & Inspection services for the existing structures as a preventive/ controlling measure.

    Offers Single/ Annual/ 5 years’ service warranty.

    Pre-Construction Treatment
    Treatment at plinth level of upcoming new building as per standards to prevent the property from future termite damage.
    We offer Ten years’ service warranty.

Mosquito Management

Our technology is a process of achieving sustainable mosquito control in an eco-friendly manner by spraying, fogging & treating the breeding grounds where     mosquitoes likely to breed by utilizing appropriate pesticides ( Larvicidal Treatment)

Bedbugs Management

Conventional spray treatment with quality & good residual effect chemicals to control thebed bugs infestation.

Bird Management

Using benevolent solutions to control Bird problem. Methods applied are netting & spikes, depending upon the area of concern. Long lasting, effective &     economic.

Other Services

For Wood Borer, Bee Hive


Pest Control Association of India- PCAI

Pest Management Association- PMA

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