Hr initiatives

As a high percentage of total business spend, comprises of people related costs, the need to manage human capital to build a effective workforce is paramount. Competitive advantage of human resources management , is the main stay in a service industry environment . Human resource development is designed around creating high engagement and excitement amongst employees in order to not just attract competent people but also to retain the high performers and prepare them to take up leadership roles. Some of the initiatives listed below are in various stages of implementation and review.

  • OHSAS (Occupational Health & Safety) certified ; focusing towards employees health and safety
  • Learning and development through “Metamorphosis- The knowledge center “ has been set up to equip our employees to cater to the growing requirements of the     industry
  • PSIPL culture facilitates productivity and independent decisions by providing a conducive work environment
  • Rewards & Recognition in the form of Employee Referral and Employee of the month programs create an inclusive work environment. This boosts employee     morale and enhances staff retention 
  • Functional and behavioral training programs to keep employees in touch with the latest trends in business operations
  • Performance management through assessment systems
  • Building competencies of employees through analysis , mapping and improving the level of competency in a systematic manner
  • Sharing information and learning and keeping the employees connected with the organization and their peers through the” knowledge tree” portal

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